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Day Care Staff

In Alberta, the highest possible child care certificate is referred to as a Child Development Supervisor (formerly known as a Level 3 staff). Our Society tries to ensure that all full time permanent staff have their Child Development Supervisor designation, because trained and experienced staff are a key element of a high quality program. All staff also hold a current First Aid certificate and undergo both a police security check and child welfare check.

Qualified staff use specialized skills to meet the needs of the group as a whole yet maintain a focus on the needs of the individual child. They act as a valuable resource to parents as they can respond knowledgeably to questions pertaining to the child's development.

Staff members understand the importance of the family unit and take family needs into consideration when implementing the program. Our early childhood team supports, guides and facilitates development and learning for the child through the daily play and routines of the day care centre.

"The staff are wonderful in informing me of any concerns, and milestones they have about my child"

- Parent Quote

"My child loves this program and prefers it to full-time school"

- Parent Quote

Out of School Care Staff

Out-of-school care staff understand the developmental and emotional needs of school-aged children. We strive to create a supportive environment; an atmosphere of caring and trust so that children can talk to us about their problems and concerns.

We provide a link between you and your child and between your child and school. We encourage children to take responsibility for their actions and to make responsible choices.

All child care staff have child development certification and first-aid. As well, staff are required to undergo a police security check - another insurance we feel is necessary when caring for your children.

Preschool Staff

Ready, Set, Grow! Preschool is staffed by two fully qualifed teachers. Their knowledge and background enables us to provide our preschool children the opportunities to develop skills essential for kindergarten.

"Wonderful environment! My kids are always excited to come and see their friends."

- Parent Quote

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