Day Care


The St. Albert Day Care Society Day Care Program strives to provide and maintain an optimum learning environment for children aged 12 months to 6 years. We ensure the environment is safe, healthy, and nurturing.



We provide 2/3 of children's daily nutritional requirements in accordance with the Canada Food Guide. Our menu is carefully planned to ensure each child gets healthy snacks and lunch prepared fresh every day in our full kitchen facility.

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Our programs facilitate development and learning in a play setting, nurturing the social, emotional, physical, creative, and intellectual growth of each child. Our aim is to provide the best possible programs and facilities. Every child has the right to feel safe, loved and respected.

The St. Albert Day Care Society programs advocate mixed-age grouping (sometimes referred to as family grouping). This approach is supported for the following reasons:

  1. Mixed-age grouping resembles family and neighbourhood groupings, which throughout human history have informally provided much of children's socialization and education.

  2. Research, although incomplete, indicates that social development can be enhanced by experiences available in mixed-age grouping. Leadership and pro-social behaviours have been observed to increase.

  3. Current concepts of cognitive development - the "zone of proximal development" and "cognitive conflict" imply that children whose knowledge or abilities are similar but not identical stimulate each other's thinking and cognitive growth.

  4. Mixed-age grouping relaxes the rigid, lock-step curriculum with its age-graded expectations, which are inappropriate for a large proportion of children.


Location/Hours of Operation

6 Cunningham Road
St. Albert, AB

Daycare Program opens at 7:00 am and closes at 6:00 pm
Monday to Friday

Daycare Program is closed all Provincial and Federal holidays and the third Monday of August for Professional Development training.

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Monthly child care fees are; $1140.00 per month for 12 months to 18 months $950.00 per month for 19 months to 35 months and $950.00 per month 3 years to to 6 years. These fees include breakfast, a complete lunch, and an afternoon snack, in accordance with Canada's Food Guide and prepared in our commercial kitchen. Fees also include monthly field trips and special activities.

Please contact the Administrative Office to inquire about current space availability: 

Subsidy is available through the Provincial Child Care Subsidy Program. For more information please visit their website at

Blue Room (ages 3+) Playground
Blue Room (ages 3+) Playground

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Blue Room Carpet Area
Blue Room Carpet Area

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Rainbow Room Indoor Garden
Rainbow Room Indoor Garden

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Blue Room (ages 3+) Playground
Blue Room (ages 3+) Playground

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